Dad, Is It True?

A polo shirt, a button down.  A ball cap, your favorite coffee.  You truly love it all and appreciate the thoughtfulness on Father’s Day.  But take this quiz, Dad and see if it whets your appetite for something a little different this year.

T or F      Guys like their cars to be clean.

T or F      Guys like cool gadgets.

T or F     Guys like to get the job done.

If you answered true to all 3 questions, there’s one more truism you need to hear.  Perago has the coolest gadget to get the job done of cleaning your car. 

Introducing the Perago QuickVac Plus HandVAC.  No, it’s not just another handvac.  This sweet piece has 8 attachments!  Car mats, carpets, car seats.  No problem.  Crevices, hard to reach nooks and crannies.  Got it.  Switch out the tools and you’re fixing the problem.  Detailing was never this much fun.  Long reaching, long lasting, strong suction.  Charge it up and you’re good to go. 

Soooo, guys, how to drop a hint without seeming obvious?  Buy one for YOUR dad. Rave about it.  Talk about how it does everything and how you KNOW he’s going to love it.  Then leave this info lying around in plain sight:

Perago QuickVac™ Plus Cordless HandVAC with 8 attachments, Model PQV 500.Available on, Amazon, Wayfair, Houzz,

There is one problem however.  Using the Perago QuickVac™ Plus HandVAC will arouse Mom’s curiosity.  It’s the perfect cleaning tool in the house too.  You may have to share. 

Please check for further details on all the features and attachments.

Give It Up

It’s time to give it up. The mop and bucket is yesterday’s clean home idea. Yes it’s been around a long time and has serviced many a home and office as a cleaning solution. But that old fashioned mop and bucket can wreak havoc with your hardwood and laminate floors. Chemicals can mar the finish and too much water can cause a host of problems including swelling and discoloration.

Hardwood and laminate flooring can be so beautiful and you want to preserve that investment in your home. A buckled floor or warped planks are not something you ever want to come home to. Properly sealed hardwood and laminate flooring that has been correctly installed can handle a small amount of moisture. But a flood or big spill that leaves standing water can ruin your flooring. So can puppy puddles and everyday spills if not wiped up right away. Floors cleaned with a big wet mop also leave a lot of water. Even popular disposable pads saturated with cleaning solution can leave damage causing liquid. It’s important to get your floor dried as quickly as possible!

There is a cleaning solution so much more effective and safe. It’s super heated steam. Here’s where Perago’s QuickSteam ™ Floor Steamer shines. Ordinary tap water heated to 212 o cleans your floor and kills 99.9% of germs. Patented SaniScrub ™ microfiber pads distribute steam throughout the pad to enable the smoothest glide and the quickest drying. One easy pass of the Floor Steamer leaves no standing water and very little moisture that evaporates in minutes. This is crucial for the prevention of floor problems. The Floor Steamer generates steam in less than 20 seconds and continues to produce steam with no pumping action. It is lightweight and takes up almost no storage space. The low profile design and ability to swivel make it easy to get under furniture.

The Perago QuickSteam ™ Floor Steamer is today’s best clean home idea. It’s safe and effective. No chemicals means saving money and being environmentally smart. Fast and easy means you can make time for what really matters.

The Reluctant Housekeeper

How often do you know you should give the floor a sweep or a wash but don’t even want to think about dragging out a vacuum cleaner or mop and bucket? At the start of your day when you have a monster to-do list or at the end of the day when all you want to do is relax, you’re not looking to do a major cleaning. You just want to clear milky cereal misses or cracker crumbs and wine splotches.

Perago offers simple solutions!  

The Perago QUICKSteam & Sweep is so handy because you bring out one device to sweep AND steam mop the floor!  The maneuverable handle allows a little flip turn so the sweep edge always leads the cleaning path with the steam mop right behind it. The Perago SaniScrub™ microfiber pads glide easily across the floor picking up dirt and pet hair. The Perago Sweep and Steam will soon become your favorite.  

Mostly have crummy days?  That is, just crumbs?  The PERAGO QUICKSweep™ Cordless Sweeper is the quickest thing you’ll find to make your floor crunch free.  Its unique dual motorized brush head design makes it more powerful than a two year old and a fistful of snacks.  Lithium Ion batteries have extra long life to let you keep the charge, even if you have to take a break.  The Perago Sweeper is a keeper!

Just want to wash that floor?  The PERAGO QUICKSteam™ Floor Steamer is perfect for steam cleaning floors without harsh chemicals!   Ordinary tap water transforms into super-heated steam to clean and disinfect your floor killing 99.9% of germs.  The Perago SaniScrubTM  microfiber pads make it easy so there’s no heavy duty pushing and scrubbing. Relax and let the Floor Steamer do the work.  Lightweight and takes up almost no real estate in your closet! 

Now, time for what you really want to do.  Cheers!

Germs All Around Us

The word germ can have a bad connotation. Images of disease causing creepy crawlies might come to mind. A germ is basically bacteria, and we actually need some of those in our bodies. For example, yogurt contains “good” bacteria that are good for our health. The “bad” bacteria are the pathogens that can cause harm to our health.

These germs hide on everyday items, and are all around us, left there by others……remember that your mother told you to, “wash your hands,” she was right!

We will never be able to kill every germ in our environment; there are millions of germs everywhere. Many products claim to kill 99.9% of germs but can leave a chemical residue. Although some may think the smell of chlorine or pine means cleanliness, the chemical residue left behind is not desirable, plus it is not great for the environment. Steam is the effective, easy, and inexpensive way for a natural 99.9% clean. It is safe for everybody and everything. Clean with steam and kitchen countertops are ready for food prep, children’s toys and baby’s equipment are ready for play, and floors are ready for babies and pets. For a home that is conveniently clean and simply fresh, steam works. Go natural, go steam!

Why does one need the steam for cleaning?

Steam is basically the hot vapor produced after boiling the water. When this steam is thrown systematically on a dirty patch, the heat of the steam simply makes the dirt molecules to loosen up. That’s how the grime, the dirt or the soil loses that grip on the surface and then subsequently can be wiped off easily using a clean cloth.  Steam offers many benefits over conventional cleaning and all you need is water.

Steam Sanitizes and Sterilizes

The steam alone could kill 99.9% bacteria present on the untreated surface. That is why it is considered as most potent bacteria killer even without the use of any chemical. Steam could easily eliminate all those microorganisms (like E.coli, staph bacteria, and salmonella) lurking around the house.

Chemical Free

People are really becoming aware of the ill-effects of the harmful chemical added in the cleaning agents. This awareness should certainly be spread at a much faster pace. Even the domestic grade phenyl consists of many harmful chemicals. Steam cleaning does not involve any use of chemicals; hence, it is very much advisable.

Deodorizing Results

The steam could simply be used for deodorizing your suits, the curtains in your rooms, lamp shades and the mattress. It removes odors from all such soft surfaces.

Kills Beds and Dust Mites

Steam cleaning is generally very effective at killing any bed bugs or eggs that come into contact with it.  When most people find bed bugs, they reach for the chemicals. Spraying those chemicals in and around your bed means that you are going to inhale the toxic vapors. If pesticides are toxic to bugs, they are toxic to you as well. Extreme heat will kill them quickly.

Economical and Environment Friendly

Steam cleaning involves less use of water, does not involve the use of hazardous chemicals.

PERAGO QUICKSteam™ Handheld Steamer

It’s cold and flu season.  Blah, bleh, yuk.  You’re surrounded with coughing, hacking co-workers and your kids are hanging around with runny nosed school friends and playmates.  Bringing bugs home and trying to win the battle against germs can be daunting.  When the family starts sneezing, running fevers or feeling queasy every doorknob and handle in the house becomes a scary thing to touch.  Spray bottles with chemicals should kill the germs, but do you really want to leave chemicals and irritants for family members to pick up on their hands when they already don’t feel well?  

How about some simple steam?  It kills 99% of germs!  Fill your Perago® QuickSteam Handheld Steamer with water, attach a disposable pad and you’re on your way to a healthier home.  Can’t get to all the nooks and crannies?  Remove the pad and give the tough to get to spots a quick shot of “dry” steam that dries quickly.  You can feel good about kitchen counters, tables and appliances when you take just a few minutes to simply scoot around with your Perago® QuickSteam Handheld Steamer.  You’re fighting the battle when you pick up dirt and allergens and attack germs and dust mites.  The patented microfiber pad is designed to be on your side by capturing the nasty stuff and holding on to it until you toss it away.  Use the various attachments for your various problem areas including children’s favorite toys, upholstery and pillows.  

You are going to love this product so much, you are going to want to take it with you everywhere!  It’s lightweight so you can throw it in your backpack, suitcase or computer bag.   It also happens to be good looking and ergonomically designed.  And when you’re not buying expensive bottles of chemicals,
you are winning the battle of:

• Keeping your family healthy.

• Taking care of the environment.

• Saving money!

• Saving time for the things that really matter to you.

Steam Cleaning Is Much Safer Than Cleaning With Chemicals.

PERAGO QUICKsteam Floor steamers and PERAGO QUICKsteam Handheld steamers sanitize your home and leave it safe for your family

Don't Let the Chemical Product Companies Poison Your Home!
Most household cleaners contain toxic chemicals such as Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and 2-butoxyethanol are among them. Oven cleaners are one of the most toxic products people use and often contain caustic lye and ammonia.
Chemical companies spend billions of dollars each year in advertising their products. Ninety-one percent of the population applies 300-million pounds of these poisons annually, often indoors. 

The government acknowledges that these cleaning products are hazardous, but regulation only requires labels if they are: combustible, corrosive, poisonous, etc and companies are not required to expose the full chemical ingredient list.

What's In That Can of Lemon Furniture Cleaner? Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Silicones.  Do you really want to clean with gases?

That Bottle Of Window Cleaner Will Shine Your Glass But What Is It Doing To You? Some of the ingredients are Propylene Glycol, Isopropanol, Ethylene Glycol, n-hexyl Ether ,Monoethanolamine, Ammonium Hydroxide.

How About That Room Deodorizer?  They may cover odors, but a toxic chemical found in room deodorizers is often found in the blood chemistry of 95% of children and adults. 

The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, D.C. and a leading content provider for public interest groups and concerned citizens in the area of toxic chemicals (

Some of the most toxic cleaning products on the market:

• Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner—This product is anything but green. It contains 2-butoxyethanol, a solvent that soaks through the skin and damages red blood cells; even more dangerous is that some people miss the fine print and don't dilute it.

• Citra-Solv Cleaner & Degreaser—Orange may seem natural, but these sprays contain d-limonene, which can react with ozone in the air to form tiny harmful lung-penetrating particles and the known carcinogen formaldehyde.

• Clorox, Fantastik, Febreze, Formula 409, Mr. Clean, and Spic and Span— EWG says many sprays sold under these brand names contain quaternary ammonium compounds or ethanolamine, compounds that can cause or trigger asthma.

• Spic and Span Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner—California is more strict when it comes to toxic compounds, and it's put a ban on nonylphenolethoxylate, an ingredient in this floor cleaner that is toxic to the environment and disrupts the hormonal system.

• Mop &Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner—Contains high concentrations of a substance that the United Nations says is "suspected of damaging the unborn child."

Lysol Disinfectant Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime & Rust Remover—Sure, this will kill germs in your toilet bowl…but it could also kill you or your pet if it's swallowed. The acid in the cleaner can also cause irreversible eye damage.

• Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner & Extend-a-Clean Mega Shower Foamer—These lung-inflaming products contain 10 percent DEGBE, a solvent banned in the European Union at concentrations above 3 percent.

• Glade Air Freshener Sprays—Air fresheners and other cleaning products often contain addictive additives that can be gateway drugs. That can be fatal if you're inhaling some Glade products. EWG says Wick automatic air fresheners and old English furniture polish carry the same warning.

Avoid any kind of air freshener or deodorizer that contains synthetic fragrances. “These products do not clean or disinfect the air, but they do add hazardous chemicals to the air we breathe"  stated Anne Steinemann, PhD, University of Washington.

Steam Cleaning with PERAGO QUICKsteam products creates a fresh and safe home environment, WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals.

Germs Hiding In Your Kitchen

What’s the dirtiest, most germ-filled place in your home? If you guessed the kitchen, you’d be right. Kitchen germs are notorious.  The sink is a great place for E. coli to live and grow since it’s wet and moist.

According to some estimates, there are over 500,000 bacteria in a typical kitchen sink—1000 times more than the bacteria in an average toilet.

Food particles from plates left to soak or rinsed from dishes on their way to the dishwasher can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria

Although most people take steps to disinfect their toilet bowls, few give their kitchen sink the same consideration.  Many times the sink gets rinse and it is assumed that is clean.

Often times it is recommended washing it with a solution of bleach and water and then letting the solution run down the drain.  Bleach is considered a chlorine-based corrosive substance.  Bleach is potent enough to kill even the worst bacteria; it makes sense that it poses a danger to those who use it creating dangerous, toxic fumes to be emitted into the air of your household.  These toxins can cause serious, sometimes deadly, side effects when inhaled. Bleach is toxic to people, animals and our environment.

Cleaning is essential to protecting health in our homes.  Cleaning and disinfecting with the Perago QuickSteam Handheld Sanitizer with super-heated, dry steam will kill the bacteria in your sink makes it a safer and healthier alternative for your family

Why Sanitizing & Cleaning Baby Items is Important?


Why Cleaning / Sanitizing Baby Stuff is Important!


There are tons of reasons to clean and sanitize areas touched by babies - toys, cribs, high chairs, etc.  but the biggest one is to keep our kids as healthy as possible.

Because toddlers are always playing with each other's toys (and each other), cleaning toys is crucial to keeping colds away. Especially during the colder indoor months.  The Perago™ Hand Held Steamer is a versatile tool to have around if you’ve got children/grandchildren or take care of small children. It simultaneously cleans and sanitizes safely without the use of chemicals.

  • Clean once or twice weekly all baby and toddler toys.  They are often placed in the child’s mouth and are sometimes shared with other children.
  • Potty training seats should be sanitized frequently; steam the top and inside of pails to keep germs from growing and to keep odor at bay.
  • High chairs get plenty of wear and lots of sticky foods.  There are many crevices for food to get stuck in easily.  Steam gets into each of them easily to sanitize and clean.  And, it’s a great chemical-free way to sanitize and clean.
  • Babies spend much of their time sleeping.  So keeping their mattresses clean is essential.  Diaper leaks can happen and become a mess to clean.  Sanitizing the mattress with steam will deodorize and also kill allergy-causing dust mites in the process.
  • Sanitizing the baby stroller and baby swings should be done regularly to avoid growth and the spreading of germs.  Trays & cups should be sanitized frequently as well.

Keeping toys and baby stuff clean is a challenge for all parents.  Using the Perago™ Hand Held Steamer will give you peace of mind that you are helping keep germs away and keep your child healthy.