PERAGO QUICKSteam™ Handheld Steamer


PERAGO QUICKSteam™ Handheld Steamer

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Lightweight and compact design makes steam cleaning and sanitizing a wide variety of surfaces a breeze.  Powerful steam on demand, control with the press of a button.  Kills and eliminates germs, dust mites and other allergens in your home with strong, penetrating steam.


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Product Features

• Quick heat up steam in just seconds.
• Performance delivers dry steam at 140° C.
• Easy to Fill On-Board Water Tank
• Steam Trigger allows for easy steam control at your fingertips.
• Remove wrinkles easily with the Garment Steamer brush attachment.
• Sanitize & Clean flat bathroom, windows and kitchen counter top surfaces easily. 
• Easy to install and disposable SaniScrub Pads makes it easy for quick clean ups.
• Sanitize delicate fabrics and toys and baby items easily with the washable, soft terry cloth.
• Power indicator light 
• Includes 5 SANIScrub™ Disposable Pads and Water Fill Cup.