Cordless Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper
PERAGO QUICKSweep™ Cordless Sweeper
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PERAGO QUICKSweep™ Cordless Sweeper

PERAGO QUICKSweep™ Cordless Sweeper

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Cordless Floor and Carpet Sweeper

The Perago QUICKSweep cordless sweeper was designed with ease of use in mind. Our electric sweeper is cordless, rechargeable, powerful, and has a long lasting lithium ion battery. The dual motorized brush heads ensure that your sweeping needs will be met, and that you won’t miss a spot. Electric floor sweepers have all but replaced the traditional broom and dust pan cleaning method, and for good reason. The Perago QUICKSweep cordless sweeper has a built in dirt compartment! Dust, hair, and other messes are quickly swept into the magnetic, removable dust pan, without having to bend over. The Perago QUICKSweep is cordless, electric, and rechargeable, and can clean both carpet and hard floors!

Electric Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Our sweeper has dual functionality. Not only can it clean your hard floors, but easily cleans your rugs and carpets as well. The rechargeable battery makes the QUICKSweep convenient to take with you on the go. Cords have historically gotten in the way while cleaning, but not anymore. You can now sweep your floors without tripping over a clunky cord because the QUICKSweep is cordless and rechargeable!

Dual motorized, rechargeable, cordless sweeper system is designed to clean dirt, dust and hair better than a broom and dustpan.  Lightweight design swivels and maneuvers providing you the freedom to clean all over hard floors and carpet without hassles. 

Lithium-ion battery system offers longer life-cycle.

Product Features

• Dual Motorized Brush Heads allow for powerful sweeping in each direction
• Cordless Battery Power makes it easy to sweep wherever you need
• Long Life Lithium Ion Batteries
• Ergonomic Comfort Grip Handle makes sweeping tireless
• Stow & Go handles positions for easy upright storage
• Magnetic dirt compartment snaps on and off easily
• Power On Light for charging ease