Dad, Is It True?

A polo shirt, a button down.  A ball cap, your favorite coffee.  You truly love it all and appreciate the thoughtfulness on Father’s Day.  But take this quiz, Dad and see if it whets your appetite for something a little different this year.

T or F      Guys like their cars to be clean.

T or F      Guys like cool gadgets.

T or F     Guys like to get the job done.

If you answered true to all 3 questions, there’s one more truism you need to hear.  Perago has the coolest gadget to get the job done of cleaning your car. 

Introducing the Perago QuickVac Plus HandVAC.  No, it’s not just another handvac.  This sweet piece has 8 attachments!  Car mats, carpets, car seats.  No problem.  Crevices, hard to reach nooks and crannies.  Got it.  Switch out the tools and you’re fixing the problem.  Detailing was never this much fun.  Long reaching, long lasting, strong suction.  Charge it up and you’re good to go. 



Soooo, guys, how to drop a hint without seeming obvious?  Buy one for YOUR dad. Rave about it.  Talk about how it does everything and how you KNOW he’s going to love it.  Then leave this info lying around in plain sight:

Perago QuickVac™ Plus Cordless HandVAC with 8 attachments, Model PQV 500.Available on, Amazon, Wayfair, Houzz,

There is one problem however.  Using the Perago QuickVac™ Plus HandVAC will arouse Mom’s curiosity.  It’s the perfect cleaning tool in the house too.  You may have to share. 

Please check for further details on all the features and attachments.

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