Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name “Perago” mean?

The name Perago comes from the Latin for “complete the task.”  Perago is dedicated to designing the best products to make life’s tasks easier and more convenient.

How long does the QUICKVac TM 2-N- 1 Cordless Vacuum last before having to recharge?

The QUICKVac 2-N-1 Cordless Vacuum will last 35 minutes or more so you can complete all your vacuuming!  Not having to plug and unplug a cord keeps it simple and convenient.  


My Perago Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier leaks when I fill it.

When replacing the filter cap, be sure that it is evenly screwed in so that the cap threads are parallel with the tank threads.


Why is steam cleaning supposed to be so good?

It requires no chemicals to clean and kill germs!  This makes a better environment for you, your children and pets.  Steam cleaning is also economical because you’re not spending money on chemicals.


Do Perago Steam products really kill 99.9% of household germs and bacteria?

Yes!  All Perago Steam products emit steam in excess of 212° Fahrenheit.  Germs, bacteria, allergens, dust mites, bed bugs and flea eggs are killed in seconds.  


Is the use of distilled water necessary?

We recommend using distilled water, but it depends.  You may use tap water according to the hardness of your water.  


Can I use cleaning solutions in my floor steamers or handheld steamers?

No.  The tanks are not designed to hold chemicals and no chemicals are needed in Perago products for cleanliness and sanitizing.


Why does my handheld steamer sometimes leave a bit of water on my windows?

Condensation occurs when hot steam meets cool glass.  A quick swipe with a microfiber pad takes care of it.


What types of flooring can I safely use my floor steam cleaner on?

Perago floor steam products are safe to use on all sealed flooring types.  For example:  laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, slate, stone and marble.  DO NOT use on unsealed wood.  We recommend checking with your flooring manufacturer prior to use.


How long does it take for the product to heat up?

A mere 20 seconds is all it takes for your steam cleaner to be ready for use.


I barely hear the steam up or see it.  Is it working?

Absolutely!  All the water you put in to your machine is used to produce germ killing steam.  There’s no wasteful cloud of steam, loud spitting noises, or “steam show” that other mop companies purposely plan.  


How long will one tank of water last before needing to be refilled?

The floor steamer tank will last about 12 minutes and the handheld steamer tank will also last about 12 minutes.


Are the microfiber pads washable?

The SaniScrubTM microfiber pads are disposable. They are designed to evenly distribute germ killing steam throughout the pad.  Laundering the pads would diminish this ability.


How often should I replace my SaniScrubTM pads?

When the pad is visibly full of dirt you’re ready for a fresh pad.


Can I use the sweeper on carpet?

The sweeper is intended for use on bare floors, however, it can be also be used on a very low pile carpet.