Dry Steam Technology

Dry Steam Technology

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Perago QUICKSteam's proprietary DST generates super heated, dry steam in seconds.  The proprietary DST steam generator is an advanced and efficient design.  Combined with a long life precision pump, the DST system injects micro bursts of water onto the hot surface, quickly producing super heated, dry steam in just seconds. 

Energy efficient design is only part of the story, Perago QUICKSteam's DST delivers Super Heated Dry Steam power using only 600 watts of power.  This is less than half the energy used by most competitive units - an important consideration as we try save energy costs and keep our planet green.

In cleaning with steam, there is no need to rely on harsh chemicals for a deep down clean. DST turns tap water into Super Heated, Dry Steam to wipe out 99.9% of most known household germs and achieve a clean home......the all natural way.

The Perago QUICKSteam's mop is ideal for parents of kids and pet owners!


• Patented technology delivers super heated dry steam to the floor surface in seconds

• Fully continuous steam - no pumping required

• AntiCalc feature prevents hard water deposits from clogging steam generator for long-life

• Steam Channel spreads super heated dry steam across entire cleaning pad to insure complete coverage