Germs All Around Us

The word germ can have a bad connotation. Images of disease causing creepy crawlies might come to mind. A germ is basically bacteria, and we actually need some of those in our bodies. For example, yogurt contains “good” bacteria that are good for our health. The “bad” bacteria are the pathogens that can cause harm to our health.

These germs hide on everyday items, and are all around us, left there by others……remember that your mother told you to, “wash your hands,” she was right!

We will never be able to kill every germ in our environment; there are millions of germs everywhere. Many products claim to kill 99.9% of germs but can leave a chemical residue. Although some may think the smell of chlorine or pine means cleanliness, the chemical residue left behind is not desirable, plus it is not great for the environment. Steam is the effective, easy, and inexpensive way for a natural 99.9% clean. It is safe for everybody and everything. Clean with steam and kitchen countertops are ready for food prep, children’s toys and baby’s equipment are ready for play, and floors are ready for babies and pets. For a home that is conveniently clean and simply fresh, steam works. Go natural, go steam!

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