Give It Up

It’s time to give it up. The mop and bucket is yesterday’s clean home idea. Yes it’s been around a long time and has serviced many a home and office as a cleaning solution. But that old fashioned mop and bucket can wreak havoc with your hardwood and laminate floors. Chemicals can mar the finish and too much water can cause a host of problems including swelling and discoloration.

Hardwood and laminate flooring can be so beautiful and you want to preserve that investment in your home. A buckled floor or warped planks are not something you ever want to come home to. Properly sealed hardwood and laminate flooring that has been correctly installed can handle a small amount of moisture. But a flood or big spill that leaves standing water can ruin your flooring. So can puppy puddles and everyday spills if not wiped up right away. Floors cleaned with a big wet mop also leave a lot of water. Even popular disposable pads saturated with cleaning solution can leave damage causing liquid. It’s important to get your floor dried as quickly as possible!

There is a cleaning solution so much more effective and safe. It’s super heated steam. Here’s where Perago’s QuickSteam ™ Floor Steamer shines. Ordinary tap water heated to 212 o cleans your floor and kills 99.9% of germs. Patented SaniScrub ™ microfiber pads distribute steam throughout the pad to enable the smoothest glide and the quickest drying. One easy pass of the Floor Steamer leaves no standing water and very little moisture that evaporates in minutes. This is crucial for the prevention of floor problems. The Floor Steamer generates steam in less than 20 seconds and continues to produce steam with no pumping action. It is lightweight and takes up almost no storage space. The low profile design and ability to swivel make it easy to get under furniture.

The Perago QuickSteam ™ Floor Steamer is today’s best clean home idea. It’s safe and effective. No chemicals means saving money and being environmentally smart. Fast and easy means you can make time for what really matters.

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