We have good ones.  We have bad ones.  Some of the bad ones we just chuckle at.  Misplacing phones and glasses and forgetting why you walked into a room are all inconvenient.  They’re time suckers that need a good habit review and resolve.  The best habits come with practice and save us time and often some sanity. 

Back to school habits help our kids to stay organized and able to focus on the important stuff.  In our homes, staying organized is also important so we can focus on the important stuff as well-our family. 

We want our home to be our sanctuary.  Time is of the essence as we know, so here’s one cleaning tool to help out.  Keep the Perago Cordless Vacuum handy.  It’s about the size of a stick vac, but powerful enough to do any job you ask of it.  It glides from hard floor to carpet, maneuvers every which way and is lightweight to carry which makes it great for doing staircases.  Young to old can handle this dynamo. 

The value of the Perago Cordless Vacuum habit is in its simplicity.  You could vacuum every day if you want to with little fuss!  No dragging out the old dinosaur vac and plugging in here and unplugging there.  Grab it and go!  Charge it in any outlet and it will run for over 35 minutes. 

Your new habit will:

-keep cereal crumbs from crunching up your kitchen floor

-keep dirt from everyone’s sneakers from dusting up your entryway  

-keep pet hair from your fur babies from making tumbleweeds under your coffee table 

If you can make this little cleaning hack into a habit, life might become a bit simpler.  It’s just convenient. 

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