It just keeps hanging around.  Grrrrr.  Either you’ve had the flu or know someone who has.  The flu is inconvenient and miserable but hopefully nothing more serious!  We need no dreadful news stories for ourselves or those we love.

Let’s not panic but let’s realize we are all vulnerable.  Fighting it is crucial:

-Get a flu shot and keep your fingers crossed.

-Wash hands with warm, soapy water for the duration of two verses of Happy Birthday. 

-Watch what you touch.  Commonly used surfaces are filled with germs and can be hazardous.

-Get out the bleach, chemicals, expensive green cleans and sanitize everything.

Here’s a non-toxic and affordable flu fighting tactic:


Heat water to 2120 because that’s when water becomes germ killing steam.   Steam your counters, steam door handles, steam children’s toys, steam anything you can’t boil.  Except for family members and pets!

Well, you ask, how do I accomplish that?!?!

Here’s the SIMPLE and CONVENIENT answer:


This POWERHOUSE produces germ killing steam in 20 seconds.   Go after those nasty flu germs!  Bad bacteria cannot survive the 2120  steam that the PERAGO HANDHELD STEAMER puts out.  

Use water from your tap.  No chemicals to breathe in, damage surfaces or spend money on.

Glide the steamer with Perago SaniScrub disposable pads over flat surfaces and then toss.  Use the terry cloth cover when sanitizing children’s toys or other soft pieces.  Give a shot of steam to any spot hard to reach. 

Kill bad bacteria.

You’ve battled germs and are ready to go back to work or school.  Now get the PERAGO HANDHELD STEAMER out AGAIN because guess what?  It’s also a GARMENT CARE STEAMER!!!  Get the wrinkles out and freshen your suit.  

Who knew that one high quality piece could do so much?   There are limited quantities of this amazing piece.  Get ‘er now at or at

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