The Reluctant Housekeeper

How often do you know you should give the floor a sweep or a wash but don’t even want to think about dragging out a vacuum cleaner or mop and bucket? At the start of your day when you have a monster to-do list or at the end of the day when all you want to do is relax, you’re not looking to do a major cleaning. You just want to clear milky cereal misses or cracker crumbs and wine splotches.

Perago offers simple solutions!  

The Perago QUICKSteam & Sweep is so handy because you bring out one device to sweep AND steam mop the floor!  The maneuverable handle allows a little flip turn so the sweep edge always leads the cleaning path with the steam mop right behind it. The Perago SaniScrub™ microfiber pads glide easily across the floor picking up dirt and pet hair. The Perago Sweep and Steam will soon become your favorite.  

Mostly have crummy days?  That is, just crumbs?  The PERAGO QUICKSweep™ Cordless Sweeper is the quickest thing you’ll find to make your floor crunch free.  Its unique dual motorized brush head design makes it more powerful than a two year old and a fistful of snacks.  Lithium Ion batteries have extra long life to let you keep the charge, even if you have to take a break.  The Perago Sweeper is a keeper!

Just want to wash that floor?  The PERAGO QUICKSteam™ Floor Steamer is perfect for steam cleaning floors without harsh chemicals!   Ordinary tap water transforms into super-heated steam to clean and disinfect your floor killing 99.9% of germs.  The Perago SaniScrubTM  microfiber pads make it easy so there’s no heavy duty pushing and scrubbing. Relax and let the Floor Steamer do the work.  Lightweight and takes up almost no real estate in your closet! 

Now, time for what you really want to do.  Cheers!

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