Why does one need the steam for cleaning?

Steam is basically the hot vapor produced after boiling the water. When this steam is thrown systematically on a dirty patch, the heat of the steam simply makes the dirt molecules to loosen up. That’s how the grime, the dirt or the soil loses that grip on the surface and then subsequently can be wiped off easily using a clean cloth.  Steam offers many benefits over conventional cleaning and all you need is water.

Steam Sanitizes and Sterilizes 

The steam alone could kill 99.9% bacteria present on the untreated surface. That is why it is considered as most potent bacteria killer even without the use of any chemical. Steam could easily eliminate all those microorganisms (like E.coli, staph bacteria, and salmonella) lurking around the house.

Chemical Free

People are really becoming aware of the ill-effects of the harmful chemical added in the cleaning agents. This awareness should certainly be spread at a much faster pace. Even the domestic grade phenyl consists of many harmful chemicals. Steam cleaning does not involve any use of chemicals; hence, it is very much advisable.

Deodorizing Results

The steam could simply be used for deodorizing your suits, the curtains in your rooms, lamp shades and the mattress. It removes odors from all such soft surfaces.

Kills Beds and Dust Mites

Steam cleaning is generally very effective at killing any bed bugs or eggs that come into contact with it.  When most people find bed bugs, they reach for the chemicals. Spraying those chemicals in and around your bed means that you are going to inhale the toxic vapors. If pesticides are toxic to bugs, they are toxic to you as well. Extreme heat will kill them quickly.

Economical and Environment Friendly

Steam cleaning involves less use of water, does not involve the use of hazardous chemicals.

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